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First off, here’s some knowledge. All record labels want artists on a silver platter. This means that they are already developed, have music successfully released under their belt, and have a dedicated following. Since the dawn of the digital music market, labels took out the development portion of their deals with musicians. Simply, the reasoning was due to the cost effectiveness and time. So if you’re an unsigned-undiscovered artist, have no worry. That’s where we come in.

Elton Audio Records works directly with the artist to develop their sound, brand, and music business. Because of our extensive network, we offer everything an artist needs under one roof. Whether it be production, artist branding, or even performance training… we do it all. Before you continue, think deeply where your music sits in the industry, and where you want it to be.

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  1. Sound

  2. Brand

  3. Bio



  1. Content

  2. Engagement

  3. Presence

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  1. Product

  2. Business

  3. Fan Experience


If you’re just starting out, maybe making music on your computer in your bedroom, or have a passion to get into performing, Discovery is for you. Under this plan, one of our industry professionals will guide you through the ropes of songwriting to producing your first single or album. After that, it’s all about pushing your content to your fans, and reaching new ones.

The top three things we look for when managing or working with any artist are the sound, brand, and bio. The sound is your music, but more specifically how you stand out from a specific genre. This “uniqueness” will be part of your brand, and define your overall look, aesthetic and presence. Finally, the story of your sound, or the “bio” is one of the most crucial parts of your music identity. It allows your superfans to get to know you, but also connects your audience closer to the person, or the people that created the music. If you don’t have those three “on-point” this is the best pic for you!

Comes with Songwriting, Music Production, Artist Branding, Merchandising, and more listed below!


Now if you have the sound you want, a solid brand and biography, it’s time to push your content. With builder you can expect more label support to assist marketing your music. This would include an advertising budget, photography in your area, and of course everything in Discovery.

As you build your brand’s social image, more fans will come to your digital door. Which means more engagement on your digital streaming markets, merch stores, and location analytics. Based on these analytics, we can easily show you the best locations to book shows and even a tour. Depending on what you want for your act, we can also assist with collaborations with other producers, singers, and other acts that are in your area or around the globe.


Your music is your business, which means that in every aspect you’re a professional (insert musical job here). This could range, from producer, singer, band, or even music teacher. No matter what it is, from creating music to teaching, as long as you are earning income from it, it’s a business. This plan is for people or groups that are looking to expand their overall fan reach, engagement, ticket sales, and show experience. Since your music is your product, showcasing it online, and live at shows is your best bet. The trick is to keep quality in mind when you have a budget, and this is where we come in.

With professional you can expect to see everything included in both Discovery and Builder in addition to; Studio Recording, Vocal Coaching,

What’s included

* Builder +Professional



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