Every artist gets to the point where the balance between life and work gets to be too much to handle. In the music world, this is expected, and the solution is simple. Divide the workload. In this folder you’ll find the best services to help push your music career forward. Additionally, we also offer artist development services; the best way to get hands on experience in writing, recording, and performing your own music. From the point of writing a song to putting it online, pushing your music and getting shows, scheduling video shoots and recording an album; it's a lot to take care of. Here at Elton Audio, we make things easier for you to push your music business to the next level, by doing the things you have to do, so you don't have to.


Artist Development

Great for aspiring solo musicians that just want to make music, record, and get heard. Includes Vocal and Performance Training, Production, Digital Distribution, and Advertising. Contact us for pricing and availability. Local service only (New Jersey, USA).

  • Training (Vocal, Band, Performance)

  • Production (Studio Sessions, Songwriting)

  • Music Management + EAR Distribution

  • Advertising

  • Graphic Design Services (Logo, Album Art, Merchandise)

Duration: 6, 12 or 24 months

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Artist Management

For established artists and bands. Our package contents listed below are perfect for touring bands, local performers, and studio artists that want to start playing shows. Contact us for pricing, availability, and special deals. National service.

  • Performance Training

  • Online Music Management

  • Tour Scheduling/Booking

  • Multi-Media Marketing

  • Discounted Graphic Design Services (Logo, Album Art, Merchandise)

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Training (Local Services)

Vocal Lessons

  • Focuses on oral training, pitch, and breath control

  • Practices include learning music related material, sight singing, and pitch training

Performance Training

  • Deals with in-depth walkthrough of how to perform on stage, communication with musicians and professionals in the industry, and audio expertise when speaking to engineers and producers

D.A.W. Systems Course

  • Covers everything from recording microphones, building a home studio, equipment setup, Digital Audio Workstations, and how they work, and more


Digital Distribution

  • $30 per year

  • Unlimited Uploads

  • 180+ online stores

  • Online advertising

  • Included Press Release

  • Article Publishing (EAR + Apple News)

  • 50+ Playlist Submissions (Over 40,000 listeners)