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We’re building a community, and we want you to help grow it. Email us today with your artist information or click below to fill out a simple form. Let’s get to know each other and compare stompbox pedals, playlists, and what kind of music we make.

Artists We Love is something we decided to do for the growing musician. It’s not just a showcase of who’s under our label, but also the artists that just like our brand, want a little more exposure, and of course, love music. As many people sway away more from social media, sites that used to offer the exposure artist need just don’t cut it anymore. This solves this issue for the search for quality music. To get on Artists We Love, our team will look over your submission and within a few days curate your new page. This is great for growing groups that need that extra push in press. Additionally if you’re on Spotify, you’ll get on our personalized playlists.

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