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Kory Hilpmann

For fans of purely emotional and personal driven lyrics with a fun pop-folk rhythm! Connects with his fans and audience in a down-to-earth, straight forward, and personal manner. Kory Hilpmann is an unsigned, indie-alternative folk artist who writes from the heart. His strongly piano driven music stems from his love of Ben Folds and Billy Joel. The genre is a delicate balance of piano rock, indie folk, and pop piano. With a mostly upbeat tempo and positive message, Kory’s music is fun, feel-good songs great for car rides and live performances! 


Kory writes and records using mostly acoustic instruments and produces a warm “homey” laid back sound with an acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and homemade percussion samples. His writing often features time changes and unique time signatures such as 7/4 and 3/4-5/4 progressions. His lyrics are open, genuine, and always inspired by personal experiences. "Most of my songs are either love songs or heartbreaks, but occasionally you get lucky and it's somewhere in between."

"My EP, Whispers After Dark, is a collection of semi-acoustic songs, quite frankly some of the first songs I ever wrote, mostly from high school that I’ve now reworked and arranged for a fuller sound. The songs range over the course of 3-4 years of my life from about sophomore year in high school to my sophomore year in college. Some are love songs and some are about personal growth and awareness. Louis Elton and I recorded some fun homemade percussion samples for the rest of the tracks including a unique cajón/ bongo sound created using a wooden bar stool with a leather notebook attached to the seat. We recorded a foot stomp on my dining room floor for our kick drum, and some claps, snaps, and cigarette lighter flicks for the snare. We used a live sample recording of crickets and the brook in my backyard recorded on my iPhone one night. That became the background track to Anger Free. Lastly, in Missin’ You at about 2:08 in the song you will hear a fire siren just before the guitar solo! That was captured by accident during one of the vocal takes and we quick stopped everything to make sure we got it".

Kory is a 24-year-old, solo artist from Oakland, NJ who began mostly self-taught but went on to study classical piano at Elizabethtown College. “I was never a “conventional” classical musician who started at a young age, but I taught myself piano and guitar for fun and to song-write as an emotional outlet”. Kory played keys in high school rock bands and continued performing and song-writing throughout college while also picking up a passion for more classical composition, arranging for a-Capella groups, and film scoring.

For Fans of: Ben Folds, Bright Eyes, Ben Kweller, Patrick Watson, Seabird & The Lumineers

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Piano Songs For Film - 2018

Piano Songs For Film - 2018

Whispers After Dark - 2018

Whispers After Dark - 2018


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