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Elton Audio Records started out as a side project by Louis Elton to record and manage new artists wanting to pursue music professionally. The company began originally in 2017 as Elton Audio Entertainment, and since then has been reshaping their image and sound to keep up with the ever-changing competitive market. After recording for numerous artists on the East Coast and opening up a new music news site, Elton Audio craved to become more. Finally, in September 2018, the “Entertainment” was dropped, and added “Records” to their name. Now, E.A.R. is taking steps toward a brighter future adding services to actually help the artist, rather than robbing them clean as many labels do.

Their number one goal as a label is to always provide the artist with their masters, rightfully so. With that, they plan to create a one stop shop for all music makers so they don't have to worry about the licensing and technicalities, and spend more time doing what they love. Making music.



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Elton Audio Records


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