Billie Eilish Shocks Fans with New Single

Alternative music artist Billie Eilish shows that she is ready to dominate the world with her brand new single you should see me in a crown. The dark and brooding track surprised many fans with its release as the follow up to Eilish’s collaboration with Khalid on their song Lovely, which appeared on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. However, Eilish abandons the deep orchestral tones for complex synths and a distinct hi hat. This new sound has many fans excited for her debut album, which has yet to be announced.

The 16 year old artist begins the song with a very minimalistic approach as her wispy tone of voice quietly sings “wait ‘til the world is mine,” detailing her plans of ruling her own kingdom. As the verse continues, the synths build up to a sudden beat drop into the chorus where she sings over blaring synths, “watch me make ‘em bow one by one.” The song has a definite focus on the production and the instruments utilized, as they contribute to the haunting yet powerful feel of the music.

The song was co-written and produced by Billie Eilish’s older brother, actor and musician Finneas O’Connell. He has worked with the alternative sensation on many of her tracks. Eilish explains the inspiration for the song originated from an episode of the TV show Sherlock, where Jim Moriarty says “you should see me in a crown,” thus inspiring the title of the single.

Billie Eilish also released a video for you should see me in a crown on Spotify, proving that she has no fear of spiders and insects. The video features the singer wearing a crown crawling with spiders and even has them crawling up her face and body as she sings to the camera. The presence of the spiders highlights a new theme for her upcoming album, although one can only imagine her commitment and composure to allow them to crawl over her.

Using the same visual, Eilish announced her new headlining tour across North America with a spider coming out of her mouth. While the image may disgust some, her 1 By 1 Tour is bound to be an enjoyable experience for anyone with the opportunity to attend. The shows kick off in late October at the Portland Roseland Theater. Eilish is also scheduled to play some more music festivals such as Lollapalooza on August 2nd. If you have yet to hear you should see me in a crown, listen to the song on your preferred streaming service or try to grab your tickets to see Billie Eilish on tour before they sell out.