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With an ever changing music scene, growing music industry, and the population growing in streaming over CD sales, we changed our entire business model. Elton Audio Records is now a full fledged label taking in artists looking for management, and no longer just a recording company. A lot has changed in a year, but let’s get into what’s new.

Our Site

Starting on October 1, www.eltonaudio.com will undergo a new website style. We’re a label now, and with the new name comes new features. The brand new Artists We Love page will feature artists under our label and musicians we work with. Over on the services tab we’ve added a ton of new items and options to help your music grow. Whether it be mixing or mastering services, marketing, or even booking, we handle it all. Making EAR the one stop shop for the advancing musician. Our contact page has also changed, to label. This will give you the right contact details to get in touch with us, and an extensive contact box to ask any question you may have, and get a quote if needed at the same time.

Artists We Love

As mentioned before, we switched our entire interface. Now with Artists We Love we’ve taken some time to make each artist shine with their own content. The artists now showcase photos, links, bio, music, and concert dates in all. If you’re interested in getting on our Artists We Love page, all you have to do is send us some information on your band, and once approved your new site will be created and displayed on our site. A lot of our fans were excited to hear we’re bringing this back, but Spotify playlists are still a thing, and the two work hand in hand. Soon you’ll not only be featured on AWL, but also put in our curated playlist.


Coming in 2019, EAR is opening up our own podcast service. Sure, we will be doing audio broadcasts on your favorite sites, but video will also be an option to view new shows for music, sports, and entertainment. If you have any questions about getting on Earcast, or working with us in the near future please send us an email to earcast@eltonaudio.com. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the first updates!

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are all over our website and social media. More on this in November!

Services (coming soon)

While we move in to our new online home, some features like the services tab will be temporarily unavailable. Don’t worry, if you need anything we’re still open for business. Send us an email today and we’ll be happy to help.

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