Lollapalooza 2018

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As the summer enters its dog days, more music lovers are coming out to enjoy the live concert experience held by music festivals throughout the country. This past weekend, the annual Lollapalooza festival held in Chicago, Illinois made for an exciting experience with notable performances by well known artists, and an energetic crowd that was dancing throughout the whole weekend.

Thursday, August 2nd kicked off Lollapalooza with perfect weather and an incredible lineup featuring Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Travis Scott and many more artists. Opening the event at the main Grant Park Stage was the punk duo called Slaves. While it was tough to fill the large stage so early in the day, the duo pulled it off with their unique request to the audience to hug the person standing next to them and their charismatic personalities. Later in the day, Lollapalooza brought out more notable artists including Billie Eilish on the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Stage. After coming off of her packed House of Blues concert the night before, Eilish had many more teenage girls screaming for her hit songs which will be featured in her upcoming nationwide tour. Other notable musicians at the festival were Camila Cabello and Travis Scott who brought along his daughter Stormi and partner Kylie Jenner to promote his new album Astroworld. Overall, the first day of Lollapalooza was filled with great music and more excitement for the following days’ events.

The second day of Lollapalooza proved to be just as hot and enjoyable as the day before. The day’s more well known artists included Bebe Rexha on the Lake Shore stage singing her hit song Me, Myself, and I. On the Bud Light stage, Post Malone garnered a large crowd that had camped out for hours in hopes of getting the best view of the artist. Later in the evening, Bruno Mars headlined the Grant Park stage with a massive crowd excited to hear many of his hit songs including Uptown Funk. He made his performance enjoyable, completing his set with a firework show.

Saturday marked the third day of the Lollapalooza festival headlining The Weeknd and Vampire Weekend which earned many jokes from fans and the media. However, both acts differ drastically and while The Weeknd drew in a bigger crowd, Vampire Weekend had a very interesting set as well since the band played their first live performance in four years without their founding member and with a new lineup. Vampire Weekend started their show by playing  A-Punk three times in a row. They also featured old hits such as Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and Oxford Comma, however, no songs from their promised upcoming album was played in their performance.

The last day of Lollapalooza was thankfully not as humid as the previous days, but featured many more smaller acts on the different stages. The biggest performer of the day was Portugal. The Man. who played his hit song from the year before Feel It Still and featured funny messages above the stage such as “don’t worry, we’re playing that song after this,” which was projected during the song before Feel It Still. Overall, Lollapalooza proved to be another successful music festival of the summer and provided an exciting experience for music lovers in Chicago. If you missed your chance to attend this year’s shows, Lollapalooza will open up once again from August 1st-4th in the summer of 2019.