How To Promote Your Music Independently In 2019

In today’s growing music market, independent artists have numerous ways to launch a successful music career. Even without label support, we see more emerging artists releasing music unsigned than ever before. Some music makers however, do not know how to get their music online or push their new songs. This article will give you some great tips on how to promote your music, create an effective marketing campaign, and expand your audience.



If your band doesn’t have music recorded, you will find that most of the steps here won’t help you. Think of your band or artist as a business. Music is your product. If your business does not have enough product, you won’t grow. Consider making a low budget demo to show producers and venue owners while you save up for your first professionally recorded single.

Play Live

Any musician or group that becomes successful in the music industry has played live. It’s not just for bands, but also solo artists and DJ’s. Think about street performers and touring bands. Sometimes a street performer may have more following than touring group, because they consistently perform live and promote their music and/or act. Promoting your events will give your brand exposure, but it’s in your performances that give you things like a fanbase, show revenue, social media content, and a whole lot more. Interacting with people and showing them how to play live will leave a lasting impression; more than just an ad on social media. Additionally, promoting your shows through bandsintown is a great way for people to get notified when you have a show scheduled in their area.

Website and Mailing List

Some performers have a table or area where they sell merchandise at their shows. Commonly, some groups will also give away free stickers or ask people to sign up to their mailing list for updates on their upcoming events. This is a great way to re-engage those that previously supported your events. It also provides you, the artist, with a targeted niche for your music. Other ways you can accomplish this is by placing a sign up or subscribe button to your website.

Social Media

Based on a statistic in 2018, 77% of the US population reported they were on social media. This doesn’t mean all social media accounts, but maybe they only had one. If you are just starting out, and you have decided on a name for your artist, grab all the social accounts you can with the same @username. Sites like namech_k provide a search database for checking if a certain username or domain name is taken. This is a great tool if you don’t want different names on each social site.

Now for content, each social media platform has its own functionality. While Instagram is mainly good for photos, it also has the ability to post short videos, descriptions for your posts, and the ability to run advertisements. Facebook also has the same functions, but on a different layout. Twitter is good for short statements, and engaging periodically throughout the day. Each site has is pro’s and con’s, but you have all you can decide later which ones are good for your uses and music.


Some music sites like Eltonaudio, offer free playlist consideration. Once your music is digitally distributed online, how you promote your tracks will ultimately result in who and how many people are listening. Research some playlist curators that you can submit through their website, or email some bloggers that create playlists based on their articles. Even if the playlist has 10 people following it, that gives you a chance for 10 listeners to hear your music.

Press and Blog Coverage

There is no such thing a bad publicity. In 2019, there is, however, getting your music heard by more people is the goal. Having bloggers or the press talk about your newest album, show, or tour makes your music relevant. They will put your artist image out there for thousands of people to see. Even if it’s an up and coming news station, it will give your group some buzz. Research the news stations in your area for local coverage, as well as online music news services. Emailing the writers on those articles may pay off when they tell their followers about your EP.

Music Videos

Now people are listening to your music. What song is the most popular? It may be time for you to make a music video. Promoting your music with motion picture is one of the most crucial steps in promoting your music. If the music is good, the video should reflect on it. Most of the time, new unsigned artists will actually shoot their first music video in their hometown. Low budget films aren’t always a bad thing. Get creative, and as long as you have something to shoot video with; you can make it happen.

Street Team and Merchandise

Is it time to make Merchandise? With CD’s dying out with the age of streaming, T-shirts and other custom apparel seems to be the way to go. If you have the budget, a well designed graphic tee may be the best way to get your fans reppin’ your artist logo. Even accessories like wristbands, hats, or cell phone cases are a good way to generate some extra income for your music business. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to advertise your brand, stickers may also be a good way to accomplish this. Check out Sticker Mule and get a discount on us by clicking here.

Having a solid street team is good for many things, but mainly for promoting your events and selling tickets and merchandise. If you don’t have a street team, go through your contacts and start contacting people. Once you some people supporting your group, ask them for their email to sign them up to your mailing list. Hiring a manager is also a good way to get that extra motivation and push. Most managers have a team they work with already, but make sure they are as passionate about your music as you are.

Advertising Niche

Hopefully someone took photos or videos at your events, and your social media is filled with the things you or your band is doing. That mailing list you’ve been adding to weeks now has ten times as much than when you started, and you have a growing fanbase at your shows. Seems like your music is getting more plays, but you can be doing much more. Social media, flyers, and other promotional content are a great way to build your niche, and to also advertise to your fanbase. If you have done everything on this list, now it’s time to create your first advertising campaign.

Choose to either advertise on social media, in person, or through your mailing lists. Maybe, do all three? When it comes to creating an ad campaign, it is important to target a select audience. Social media makes this easy when choosing gender, age, location, and interest. Flyers can also do that based on where they are placed. Depending on where, when or how you decide to advertise your music or show, will give you different results. Do some research, and test to see what method is the best way to push your music.

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