Bad Suns - 'Mystic Truth' Album Review

 You might know them from hits like ‘Daft Pretty Boys’ or ‘Cardiac Arrest’ (which has been featured on the Netflix original Atypical and has amassed over 6 million views on YouTube); but everyone’s favorite Alternative/Indie group ‘Bad Suns’ is at it again. The band released their new album “Mystic Truth” out into the world just a short time ago, on March 22nd. The album sure has been a big hit with fans, and even has a 4.5/5 rating on iTunes to prove it.

Bad Suns Mystic Truth Album Cover

The album starts off with an upbeat, drum heavy track called ‘Away We Go’. It’s definitely a song that one could imagine hearing while a montage of a road trip plays. Also tied to this song, is the feeling of being free and maybe a little reckless with friends while you’re young. The lyrics “I want a piece of the action, I need another distraction; a new tattoo, maybe a night of romance… can I dance with you?” suggest a ‘let’s live in the moment, we don’t have all night’ kind of approach to life. The track was uploaded to YouTube late last year, back on December 17th, and had fans itching to hear the rest of the album. It features the lead singer, Christo Bowman, as well as the rest of the band in several different environments while performing the song. 

  ‘One Magic Moment’ follows in ‘Away We Go’‘s footsteps, as yet another feel good tune. This track is a little more piano heavy than the first, but nonetheless features a rather uplifting message. “I’m on my way, one magic moment. Don’t be late. I’m on my way. Salvation, *my revelation* arrives on vanity plates, I’m on my way…” keeps true to the ‘look on the bright side of things’ mentality that really shines throughout the whole album. Tracks like ‘A Miracle, A Mile Away’, channel a similar sound to ‘Daft Pretty Boys’ in the way that it’s more pop sounding than the rest of their discography. The majority of the album also tends to fall into this category as well. ‘Language and Perspective’ And ‘Disappear Here’ were, in their entirety more alt/rock albums. 

The tracks that stand out the most are ‘Hold Your Fire’, ‘Away We Go’, and ‘Starjumper’. ‘Hold Your Fire’ has a nostalgic feel to it, channeling 80s-style instrumentals and build ups. The lyrics “ No I’m not at the end of my rope. On the contrary I’m not at the end of my rope. Oh can’t you see? I’m not at the end of my rope...” just further highlights the continual ideas of perseverance and not giving up, which are ideas we need to keep talking about, because of how truly important they are. Through this album, Bad Suns proves they are not afraid to talk about the hard times, and how to get through them. 

Bad Suns are heading out on tour this April, with Carlie Hanson, all across North America.