Up and Coming Artists: Early Dismissal

If you are interested in bands such as the Foo Fighters, Green Day, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, then Early Dismissal just might be another group to add to your everyday Spotify playlist.


Early Dismissal is a four-piece band based in Annapolis, Maryland who produces a sound that reflects on your favorite rock/pop punk musicians. With their solid drum beats, catchy melodies, and slick bass lines, this group of musicians is sure to capture your ear. The group consists of four members: lead singer Brendan Sacks, lead guitarist Josh Conlon, bassist and band manager Preston Buchanan, and drummer Trevor Wright. Originally founded as an acoustic duo by the two original members, Sacks and Conlon decided to expand on their sound as they added Buchanan and Wright to create the solid rock music they produce today.

Throughout the band’s history, they have played multiple shows in Annapolis, D.C., and Baltimore. Some of their more popular venues include Power Plant Live, Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge, Fish Head Cantina, Baltimore Soundstage, Ottobar, and the Sidebar. They also had the opportunity of playing Frozen Harbor Festival this past winter. The band also plays at parties and house shows for entertainment.

Early Dismissal released their first single, Piece of Your Love , in August of 2017 as well as their follow-up single, Go Back , in October of 2017. They also released their debut EP, Trip and Fall in June of 2018. When asked what they hope to give to their audience through their music, they said, “when we perform we hope to give our audience a show that will resonate with them and make them feel connected to the music. We want to give our fans something that they can closely relate to”. Many of their songs deal with common struggles that many people face throughout their lives such as the complexity of love and emotions. Thus, their audience is able to connect to their music on a personal level and understand the sincerity behind each lyric.

The band’s most recent project is their full length studio album Sins of the Youth which was released on May 22nd. It is a compilation of 11 songs that were written, recorded, and produced by guitarist Josh Conlon over the past year. They stated, “there has been lots of blood, sweat, and tears throughout the making of this album. We feel that these 11 songs are a part of us and cannot wait for the world to hear them.” All of the band members can closely relate to these songs and feel very proud of the finished product.

If you are interested in keeping up with Early Dismissal, all of their content can be streamed on Google Play, Apple Music, and iTunes. They are also very active on their social medias, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify, where they share information about upcoming shows and music releases. We highly suggest you check them out!