June 21st: The First Day of Summer, French Music Festival, & New Music


Not only does today mark the official first day of Summer, but it’s also a big day in music. Concerts and new music releases flood the internet for fans and music lovers worldwide. As you walk on today, you might see some local bands gearing up for their sets, skaters & surfers practicing their best tricks, and photographers/videographers collecting content for their works.


In France, Fête de la Musique, also known as Music Day, Make Music Day or World Music Day, is an annual music celebration that takes place on the 21st of June. On Music Day the citizens of a city or country are allowed and urged to play music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks. Free concerts are also organized, where musicians play for fun and not for payment. The first all-day musical celebration on the day of the summer solstice was originated by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, and by Maurice Fleuret, and was first celebrated in Paris in 1982. Music Day later became celebrated in 120 countries around the world. Which is something of a marvel when you see the influence in multiple cities in those countries.

If you’re in the United States, you may notice that this corresponds to us too. Even as we write this concerts like the 2019 GMA Summer Concert Series, Firefly Music Festival, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, and the Live Oak Music Festival are just some of the amazing shows happening across the country. At the GMA Summer Concert Series, Bastille played a free show from 7am - 9am in central park, hosted by Good Morning America. Hundreds of people showed to support the largely known band, and celebrate the first day of Summer.

On the release front, one of our homegrown artists, Loza Rose just released her newest single “Summer Daze”, talking about the Summer lifestyle for the young spirited. Pop icons also released their albums today like Mark Ronson’s “Late Night Feelings”, Hatchie’s “Keepsake”, Two Door Cinema Club’s “False Alarm”, and Lil Nas X’s “7 EP”. All of this music is now available worldwide on your favorite streaming platform, however, there’s tons of other released music you can find that released today.

Whether you’re “living it up on Summer days”, or just a dedicated music lover, we wish you a happy and musical Summer. Stay in the loop with updates by following our Apple News Channel or subscribing to our mailing list on our website.