Hippo Campus premieres a new vertical video for 'Honestly'

Alt./Indie group Hippo Campus have just released a new video for their song ‘Honestly’. The track is off their latest album ‘Bambi’. In this case, a new video called for an entirely new format; vertical video. Through the lyrics;

“Pockets full of lilacs that I picked, so pointless (the violet scented, clouded vision)…Creeping up, the feelings that it's all for nothing (it's okay, it's indecision)”

Hippo Campus touch upon what it feels to make something you’re proud of, and then feel like it’s ‘all for nothing’. They talk about what it’s like to be artists, and sometimes believe that your best just isn’t quite good enough for everyone else. 

BAMBI - an album by Hippo Campus

BAMBI - an album by Hippo Campus

Directed by Brittany O’Brien, (the bands usual touring photographer), the video holds a special place for the Hippo Campus, as it is directed by someone who documents them on a rather daily basis who knows them rather well. While watching, you can definitely tell that there’s quite a personal connection between director and subjects. Adding to this personal, quite familial aspect of the video, there’s a film overlay placed on top of the footage which makes it even more nostalgic. The video shows the riding bikes, juggling and goofing around in green rooms, and just really having a genuine good time together while touring. It also switches from black and white to color and back again, while having lead singer, Jake Luppen sing along to the track. Hippo Campus really display their happy go lucky attitude throughout the video, and show what life is like for them while traveling across the country and playing music.