Moments In Color, A Short Film By SYLVN

Moments In Color, by the Long Island-based Post Hard Rock Band SYLVN, released today. Typically, we usually are referencing a music video or album, but today not so much. The video, is a two part short film by the band, that has an array of interesting qualities, moods, and aesthetics. The story, described by the videographer Matthew Collamore, is about “three people who have entangled themselves in something they wish they could take back…We tried to capture the two most relevant and important [emotions] rage and regret.”

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the video yet, we urge you to watch it before reading on.

Played by Evan Martinez, the protagonist of the story, starts off the scene with himself listening to music, waiting for his ride at the airport. Within a few seconds we see the lead character leave in a car to take him home. During this transition, the story takes a turn, showcasing two other unknowns (played by Aaliyah Picanso and Anthony Deprisco) building up to a sexual covet for each other. Later in this section, the protagonist arrives at the same location, and learns what is going on with his lover.

After the mysterious intro, the later footage breaks into Moments I & II, where the songs ‘fRacturED’ and ‘BLUrrEd’ are the main pieces backing the video as the incredible story unfolds. 

Moment I, also titled ‘fRacturED’ has an angry vibe, where all the footage is painted in a red overlay. Despite its imagery being on point, this is where we see the protagonist go through emotional changes of sadness and anger. Views of glitchy TV screens, and the emotional change portray this theme of a fractured heart. Towards the end of this “moment”, the tempter flashbacks to the sexual act, before being hit with a baseball bat.

‘BLUrrEd’, which opens up the finale of the video, is tinted with a blue hue. This cool down features all the main characters playing together, bringing back the flashback memory of the protagonist and the girl and what they had before that day. Now we see the emotion of regret showcased throughout the characters. As the burial site is neglected, lightning flickers the night sky leaving the protagonist in a complicated state of mind, and fades off to the finale featuring SYLVN.

Q & A with SYLVN

Evan Martinez - Lead Actor / Lead vocalist

Shooting this video was easily one of the most stressful times for us as a band. When we started writing moments in color we had all these ideas for what the video should become as we wanted it to have its own identity yet still coincide with the music. This proved a tremendous challenge as we each had different ideas. We would set out to film and idea then review the footage and found it was lacking something. We found ourselves trying to piece together bits of different footage to compensate for the films overall lackluster performance and being unhappy with the outcome. 

Anthony Deprisco - Supporting Male Actor / Bass Guitar and Vocals

I feel like in this video we really got to show our viewers that we are more than just musicians but artists in every sense of the word. The video is a testament to what we have overcome as a band and the events that lead us to where we are now. As an aspiring actor it was unbelievably powerful to be able to have a platform within our own musical creation to go even further and act out the emotions we sat in a room and wrote about. I play the supporting roll of the cheating male who gets killed. Those scenes were unbelievably taxing and important to the overall video and I really had to channel that feeling of loss and doom, and facing the repercussions of your actions. We pushed each other and really asked a lot of each other to make sure that those scenes connected with the audience.

Daniel Francis - Driver & Videographer / Drummer

Moments in color to me is personal experience we've had in our lives imagined through music and shown through cinematic visuals that came to us in those dark times. This video was a long journey and took some time to make but was so unbelievably worth every second. It's truly something special that we feel a wide audience can connect with.

Matthew Collamore - Director & Videographer / Guitar

Shooting this video was unbelievably challenging and equally fulfilling. Having a solid vision and being able to watch it come to life on the camera is a nothing short of a life changing experience. We did this with virtually no budget, and achieved something great. We shot this video three separate times each time wanting more and more until realizing it needed to be a massive project encompassing both tracks.