We Are E.A.R.

Who Are We?

Elton Audio Records is a NJ based record label, online music news site, and management company. We offer competitive rates for audio mixing and mastering, graphic design, and advertising, but our hearts are set in developing and managing artists of all levels.

The Problem

Since the dawn of music streaming and social media, record labels worldwide have been shutting down left and right. Nowadays, it’s “easier than ever” to get your music heard, gain fans, and get picked up by a major label. The issue with this new approach is that the labels are more selective with who they work with. When it comes to new artists, it’s hard to judge if the talent is worth investing in early on in his/her career. On average, many labels invest about one million dollars or more to develop an artist, but with an oversaturated market of music, and a shortage of income from music streaming services, those labels cut their development budget. Now, you have to shine at an almost perfect label to even be considered.

The Solution

At Elton Audio Records, we offer a variety of services that enables artists to begin a professional career in music. Since development is normally not offered by many record labels worldwide, we “bridge the gap” between the artist on the rise, and signed. We help you brand your music with press releases, high quality images to represent your albums, build a network of people to push your content, and assist with production, advertising and more. You’ll see your dream turn into a career in just over a few weeks with E.A.R.

How E.A.R. Started

Elton Audio Records started out as a side project by Louis Elton to record and manage new artists wanting to pursue music professionally. The company began originally in 2017 as Elton Audio Entertainment, and since then has been reshaping their image and sound to keep up with the ever-changing competitive market. After recording for numerous artists on the East Coast and opening up a music news site, Elton Audio craved to become more. Finally, in September 2018, the “Entertainment” was dropped, and added “Records” to their name. Now, E.A.R. is taking steps toward a brighter future adding services to actually help the artist, rather than robbing them clean as many labels often do.

Our Goal

Our number one goal as a label is to always provide the artist with their masters, rightfully so. With that, we have created a one stop shop for all music makers so they don't have to worry about the licensing and technicalities, and spend more time doing what they love. Making music.

We’re a company dedicated to providing you the best in music quality. We help musicians get their compositions made into recorded songs. We connect those musicians to fans that will enjoy their music style. We provide discovery for people worldwide, through news, playlists, and more. And finally we do all this for you, the artist.
— Louis Elton
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