Chase Atlantic release new single ‘Her’ + Music Video


Alt/Pop band Chase Atlantic are at it again, with a new music video for their latest single ‘Her’. The song is one of the tracks off their new album called “Phases” which is set to drop this summer on June 28th. The band who considers themselves to be more alternative than anything else, have a heavy R&B influence which is prominent in their music made after 2015. With hits like ‘Numb to the Feeling’, ‘What U Call That’, and ‘Like a Rockstar’, Chase Atlantic sure are building up an extremely loyal fanbase.  

The video for ‘Her’ begins with a few short clips of a girl (potentially the love interest) shopping in LA, with a film grain overlay for the first minute or so while switching between shots of the band performing. Around the two minute mark, the band’s album artwork for ‘Part One – Single’ can actually be seen hanging on the walls of the girl’s bedroom. Like many other songs of theirs, ‘Her’ focuses on a girl who either has a troubled past or some type of familial issue. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 21.55.48.png

Keeping with the cinematic theme of their music videos, this one uses primarily purple and pink hues to accentuate the mood of the video.  Following their R&B and or Rap influence, and similar to past songs, lead singer Mitchell Cave sings about his potential love interest having the ability to afford high end brands like Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. Though material items are mentioned several times throughout the song, the person who is searching for love inevitably doesn’t find it with the girl in the video. The lyrics “But I won’t ever get to stay with her, Cause all I ever had was one day with her… But I can make the pain better, All I need is one more day with her…” describe his longing for them to be together, despite her materialistic lifestyle. 

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