Did You Know That 1 In 12 Men Are Colorblind?

Did you know that 1 in 12 men are colorblind? And that it's also true for 1 in 200 women? Most colorblind people often get asked what colors they can see, and which ones they can’t. Some people think that when you're colorblind, you can't see any colors, and that you only see in black and white. This isn't true for all cases. In fact, Monochromacy is the only type of colorblindness that fits this case. There are many types of colorblindness that millions of people worldwide live with every day. Over at Color Blind Graphics, they are trying to change the way people view the largely popular disability.

They believe that there should be medical insurance coverages for the colorblind. Products like the Enchroma Color Blind Glasses, color-correcting contact lenses, and future surgeries are all currently out of pocket expenses, which isn’t bad for the price point, but still doesn’t change the fact that it isn’t looked upon as a true disability, when it is. CBG recently shared with us that this Spring they are releasing a new line of clothing that will change how the world views colorblindness, and we cannot wait.

Color Blind Lives Matter Shirt

Color Blind Lives Matter Shirt

On their website, they sell merchandise with humorous text and graphics within the “colorblind aesthetic”. These designs are not just for a few laughs with friends, but also promote the idea of education. For example, their “Protanopia” shirt is a design where the text is in a red hue. Based on the research, Protanopia is a specific type of colorblindness that affects the red cones in the eye. This results the colors on the red, yellow and green spectrum appear different. For a protanope, the brightness of red, orange, and yellow are much reduced compared to normal. This dimming can be so pronounced that reds may be confused with black or dark gray, and red traffic lights may appear to be extinguished. They may learn to distinguish reds from yellows primarily on the basis of their apparent brightness or lightness, not on any perceptible hue difference.

Now there is a way to show that you support change for colorblindness. Go check out the website today and get a shirt for a friend, co-worker, or even yourself!