Artist on the Rise: Kory Hilpmann

If you are looking for new soulful music to listen to, Kory Hilpmann may be next artist to add to your playlist. With a combination of down-to-earth, emotional lyrics, pop-folk sounds, and a clear yet captivating voice, he is sure to be considered an artist worth checking out.


Kory is a 24-year-old independent artist from Oakland, New Jersey that has taught himself to play piano and guitar from a young age. His music experience began as a hobby in songwriting and playing in different rock bands throughout high school. In college he continued to perform and compose and even took an interest in classical piano and composition, as he would write music for acapella groups and films.

Throughout the formative years of his life, Kory used music as an emotional outlet to express his experiences with love and personal self awareness. Thus, the foundation for his EP Whispers After Dark w as created. As shown in his lyrics from his original composition Wounds, “we’ll both make it out alright, you know that some wounds take time.” Whispers After Dark discusses many personal struggles that people can relate back to their own lives. However, Kory conveys a positive message in saying that no one is alone and that things will turn out well in the end.

Kory’s style is very unique and distinguishes him from other artists of a similar sound. He gets creative in utilizing different time signatures and unique progressions throughout his songs. uses acoustic instruments and homemade percussion samples to create a very warm, laid-back feel to his music, adding to the emotional impact his lyrics have on his audience.

Whispers After Dark

Kory often performs at small music venues throughout New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia such as Defiant Brewery in Pearl River, NY, Allstar Music Empire in Flemington, NJ, The Bowery Electric in New York City, and PHARMACY in Philadelphia. You just can’t help but relax, order a cup of coffee, and enjoy the atmosphere he creates with his music.

If you are interested in hearing more of Kory’s music, he has his entire EP Whispers After Dark uploaded on Spotify. He also shares his music through Youtube, in which he posts videos of his exceptional classical piano performances, music videos to his original songs, and live shows. Kory is also an active presence on his Facebook and Instagram pages if you would like to catch a glimpse into the artist’s life and stay up to date on his live performances. We highly recommend you check him out to enjoy the music and messages he has to offer!