Nathan Wagner gives people strength to keep moving forward

If you’ve been on the search for an artist who combines elements of pop, rock, and faith, look no further than Nathan Wagner. The Illinois native has amassed thousands of views on his YouTube channel, where he has over 12,000 avid subscribers. 


In his song ‘Lonely’, Wagner shows he’s not afraid to be vulnerable, especially through his music. The lyrics “Are we all the same? Looking for love, looking for love. Are we all in chains? Trying to be enough, be enough…” symbolize how hard some aspects of life can be, and how they might be similar for the average person. In ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, Wagner displays just how wide his vocal range is, paired with heavy percussive build-ups. 

Back in January of this year, he released a video explaining the inspiration behind the song. In the video, Wagner describes how at around aged 20, he came to a realization about where his life was headed, and feared he would be settling for less than what he had originally thought. This moment inspired him to leave school and being a student behind, and start to pursue music on an everyday basis. He describes how his belief on life is that everyone wants to be love someone and be loved by them as well. 

He attributes his current success to God because of the incredible touring opportunities he has been given a chance with, as well as reaching so many people with his music, more specifically with his song ‘Lonely’. Wagner believes that “Happiness is renewing your mind, and remembering to be gracious and thankful.” With this song, he explains how he was finally able to communicate the vulnerable song he has been trying to write for so long. Nathan Wagner is for sure someone to check out, and the only way is up!