Sabrina Carpenter Shows Her Personal Growth

Gone are her carefree days of playing Maya Hart on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World as a bubbly teenager. Sabrina Carpenter is reshaping her image as an artist to fit the serious and self confident adult persona. As the young musician, dancer, and actress ushered in her 20’s, she released her new album Singular: Act II to display her growth as an artist and as an individual. The album dropped on July 19 as the second installation to the two part project and her fourth studio album in total. Overall, Singular: Act II received positive feedback from her audience as it features many distinct differences from her previous works.

In comparison to Singular: Act I, both albums follow a theme of self discovery and newfound identity, as the artist explores her inner emotions and reflects on both the peaks and lows the past year has brought. Carpenter stated in an interview with PEOPLE, “ it wasn’t so much struggling with my identity, as struggling with coming to terms with who I am” as she explains how different events in the past year have taught her many life lessons and pushed her limits. In contrast to the previous album however, Singular: Act II touches upon staying true to oneself even through hard times, whereas the first installation discusses self confidence and self love. As she was breaking down the lyrics to Pushing 20; she discusses how outside negativity can make people question themselves and their own identity, however it is important to stand your ground and filter out the hate. Another track from the album, Exhale, is a very vulnerable song that discusses Carpenter’s struggles with sticking to her values in the competitive music industry. She sings “I listen to the labels, listen to the man / Try to keep a sense of knowing who I am,” as a way of expressing her desires of being true to her identity whilst outside forces try to shape her image for her. Overall, Sabrina Carpenter truly allows herself to be vulnerable with her audience through Singular: Act II, which helps her fans relate to her story and feel the same emotions she conveys through her music.


The overall sound of the album again displays how Sabrina Carpenter has developed as a musician and artist. In contrast to her first studio album, Eyes Wide Open, which featured very upbeat songs with simple drum patterns and chord progressions that brought out the innocence of her youth, Singular: Act II has a much more mature sound. Each song, while still upbeat, utilizes more complex rhythms and synths which compliments the singer’s sweet tone of voice throughout each song. Carpenter also shows how her vocal abilities have developed as she shows off her range between breathy and full tone quality. As Sabrina Carpenter grows to be more aware of the world around her, the subjects of her music have developed to become more serious and her overall sound as an artist has matured.

Sabrina Carpenter also released a music video for the debut single off of Singular: Act II. Titled InMyBed, the young musician revealed that the song touches upon anxiety and how the lyrics “I’m still in my bed about it” conveys the physical feeling of being lost in one’s own head and not being able to get out of bed. This concept is displayed in the music video as it is set in a bedroom as Carpenter’s eyes transform into cartoon googly eyes. The viewer is then taken into her head which is portrayed as its own hypnotic world. Although the music video has a very fun mood, this image shows how Sabrina Carpenter’s artistic vision has matured to make more symbolic content to discuss important topics that are universal to many people.

If you have yet to listen to Singular: Act II, the album is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and many other platforms. The music video to In My Bed is also available to view on Youtube. We highly recommend you listen to it and observe how Sabrina Carpenter takes you through her own personal growth as an artist, and as an individual.