Ultra Q – The Rebranded Mt. Eddy Band

With songs like ‘Metaphor’, ‘Zombie’, and ‘Working Title’, Mt. Eddy had made quite a name for themselves in the alternative punk scene by 2018. Most recently, they have rebranded themselves as Ultra Q. On October 23rd, 2018, the band played their last show under the name ‘Mt. Eddy’ in their home state of California. Although the new name is surprising to some, Ultra Q are no strangers to name changes. Previously, despite only being a band for around 3 ½ years, they have gone through three name changes. (The first was Jakob Danger, followed by Danger!, then Mt. Eddy, and now Ultra Q.) Although they have had different aliases, as of April 23rd, 2019, all the discography that was created under their most recent former name is still available on iTunes and Spotify.

a video for a song about our favorite childhood tv shows and video games...

Along with this name change, the group also released a new music video to go with their debut track ‘Redwoood’ under the new moniker. With references to the Power Rangers television show, Pokemon, Spyro video game, and other pop culture happenings, they channel nostalgia-ridden aspects of entertainment, recognizable by those growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s. Beginning on April 7th 2019, the band starting posting on Instagram again after deleting all of their old content made under ‘Mt. Eddy’. The video also touches upon the technology of the time that it references. A VHS tape rewind effect serves as an overlay throughout the video, and a desktop computer screen can be seen getting painted over by the subject of the video. All in all, fans seem to be ecstatic about the band’s comeback, after being ‘left on read’ about their resurgence.