Rightful Disciple's New Song ‘Waiting’

The upcoming hip-hop rapper, 23, Rightful Disciple released his newest track today called ‘Waiting’; which is certainly outside his genre norm.

“This is the song you have definitely been waiting for,” said Disciple during his interview last Wednesday, July 24th with E.A.R. The ambitious artist shared with us a very interesting story about this track, it’s origins, and some hidden info you may have not picked up hearing or reading the lyrics.

Sunset RD LQ.jpg

‘Waiting,' defined by its writer, is about “a girl that’s never coming around”. A twist on a love song, with conflicting emotional vibes and a catchy chorus you’ll hear yourself singing this summer. The lyrics are broken down like a story about heartbreak, and he introduces this female character when he sings “She would dip cuz I’m acting real shady / With her blueprint acting like I’m Jay Z” (Rightful Disciple), meaning, “she knows that I connect with her” said R.D.


Disciple wrote this song last year for a contest he entered in March 2019. The winner would win a trip down to Miami, Florida to professionally record the song, and then release and promote it in that area. The original wasn’t the same notable product it is now at the time, and went though a bit of a unique struggle to get to the version it is today. 

March 1st was the day that Disciple found the instrumental produced by The Ambiance Beats (the company that also created the contest). Within 24 hours, the artist had finished his first draft of the lyrics, recorded it, and submitted it later that week. Towards the end of that month, on March 29th, ‘Waiting’ was rejected by the contest organizer, and the demo was put into the “vault.”

Despite his defeat, the new to the game rapper decided to take another look at the song after putting it aside for three months. Once he took it back to the studio for re-edit, he called in another NJ local by the name of Progress (Marlon Carbajal), and his studio engineer Tyler Braddock to assist with the production. Progress was the first person to put into words what needed to change in the song. Specifically it was the ad-libs and some other lyrical content that he recommended working on. This was all done within a 24 hour period, which one could say that the lyrics were finished within 48 work hours, minus the production time.

We also asked Disciple what he could have done better in the song. Since ‘Waiting” isn’t in his normal hip-hop style of music, he mentioned “it’s out of my comfort zone.[But] I think I did well with this song… it’s just the tip of the iceberg. This was literally my first try at a ‘singing song’, and I think I did pretty well. Although it took me a couple of months to perfect the [final] lyrics.”

Whether you’re into the sub genres of hip-hop, or electronic pop, ‘Waiting’ is the song that you’ve been waiting for. Hear the new song on any of your favorite streaming services, and be sure to share it with your friends. You can also hear his other singles on Spotify like ‘Legends Never Die’, ‘Strung Out’, ‘Hot Sauce’, and ‘Long Division’.