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Dream to Career: Music Marketing Basics PDF

More and more musicians are turning to independent music promotion tactics via social media outlets, music streaming platforms, and their local music scene. So how can your music benefit from a solid marketing plan?

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10 Things You Need to Record Music At Home

As technology develops and becomes more accessible to all people, producing music at home has never been easier. Unlike the earlier days in the music industry, when independent artists had to spend their own money book recording sessions at fully equipped music studios to produce their songs, it is now possible to grow your own makeshift recording studio at home! If you’re looking to let your musical creativity flow, but don’t want to have to book some time at a local studio, we’re here to show you the top 10 essentials you need to produce your hit track!


How to Make a Homemade Music Video

Music videos are a great way to bring a song to life by reinforcing a concept and establishing the theme of the music. As seen on MTV and YouTube, many musicians make music videos for their songs to further promote their content and get their message across in a visual manner. However, not every artist has access to the high quality equipment that is available on a Hollywood set. Luckily, recording equipment and video editing softwares have become more accessible to everyone, so there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on production. With these tips and your own creativity, you can create your own low budget music video that can compare to the professionals!